These words are my diary screaming out loud.
Breathe (2AM) ~ Anna Nalick

“You should blog,” a dear friend said to me over dinner last month.
To which I replied, “I journal to see my thoughts and free them from swimming in my head.  It helps me sort things out.  It’s just for me.  Who would want to read what I write?”

It’s awesome how God puts people in my path to speak to me and guide me.  Another friend of mine began an online diary as part of her Lenten discipline last year. I’ve been inspired by her openness and vulnerability. . . putting her inner-most thoughts out there for the world to see. I’ve learned so much about myself in reading her words. She makes me look at things differently and her insights have made me reflect on my own life in new ways.

I’ve kept a diary/journal since I was in elementary school.  I treasure those thoughts, struggles, and insights across various stages of my life.  It’s beautiful to read through old entries and discover that some of my angst and worry (especially during the teenage years) that seemed so life-altering and upsetting at the time, I couldn’t even tell you about now.  Time has a way of making us forget.  There have been a lot of answered prayers tucked in among those pages, too.  I usually write when I’m really struggling with something. I get the thoughts down on paper so I can see them, make sense of them, and sleep!  I rarely write about the joys in my life. I am a joy-filled person, but my periods of journaling seem to happen in times of crisis.  I want this online journal to capture both my burdens and my blessings.  Each entry will be identified by a single-word as it’s title and will reflect themes that are important to me in the moment.

Selfishly, this blog is for me.  It’s an outlet for my thoughts, insights, joys, and burdens.  It’s a way for me to sort things out and make sense of my life.  So out with my personal hand-written journals that have held an audience of one.  These pages contain my inner dialog . . . screaming out loud.  And, so it begins . . .