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In his TED talk, Cloudy with a Chance of Joy, Gavin Pretor-Pinney talks about how clouds get a ‘bad rap.’ That they’re beautiful and to be appreciated. It’s true, isn’t it? We don’t usually think of clouds in a positive way. His insights are inspiring.
I love to look up at the clouds. There’s something so calming and magical and optimistic about staring up at the heavens. I often stare up at the clouds when I’m enjoying my ‘adirondack chair time‘ on my back patio. This place is a screen-free zone. Well, it’s free from social media, email, texts, etc, but I do capture my reflections on my iPad while I sit out here and I also take pictures of the sky. Image I love watching the clouds drift by. They change moment by moment. I’ve taken some pretty awesome pictures from my little corner of the world.
My view out here is different every time. The way the light dances across the clouds and sky. The way the sun paints the clouds with pinks and purples and yellows and blues. The way they drift by so effortlessly. They’re not hiding the sun, they’re reflecting the sun in a beautiful and unique way. Clouds enhance the beauty of the light. They don’t get in the way; they’re part of what makes the light so majestic.
After all, when you’re looking up at the clouds, you’re looking up. Isn’t that symbolic? I participated in a labyrinth discipline last spring. A labyrinth isn’t a maze, it’s a journey through a winding path that offers time for silence, reflection, and prayer. Right up my alley, huh?  I participated with a group from my church and we took several turns through the labyrinth and reflected as a group after each experience. During this time of sharing, one of the ladies commented that she looked up the whole time. She didn’t look down at the path below her feet, but looked up and out . . . into the faces of the rest of us walking through the labyrinth and looked out of the beautiful windows at the trees, the sky, and the clouds. I loved this imagery. Keeping our eyes lifted up and our perspective toward the heavens. I tried this on my next time through the labyrinth and it was totally different from my previous experience. Looking up filled me with joy. It filled me with hope and encouraged me to dream.
Clouds are ever-evolving. If you blink, you may miss something spectacular. When I watch the sky, I am totally present. ImageIt’s a space to dream. I feel like every opportunity is before me and that God is there and aware. Sometimes, the rays stretch from the heavens to the earth, as if God is reaching down to us. These are my favorite moments. As Gavin Pretor-Pinney says, it’s good for your soul to live with your head in the clouds.