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I’ve had some wonderful highs over the past couple of weeks. Here are 5 of them . . . . 
Dining room art
ImageI have a really hard time putting holes in my walls. Once I commit, that hole isn’t going to disappear unless I haul out the sparkle and paint to make the wall blemish-free again. I know this really isn’t a huge hassle, but in my mind it always makes me think for a second, third, even fourth time before pounding the hammer to the nail. I want it to be perfect. So, I repainted my dining room last August, as in August 2012 and, that’s right, my large dining room wall has been empty for a whole year. That wall is a large expanse of space and I really haven’t known what I wanted to do there. Then, I saw this painting in a local store over the summer and loved it. I went back to the store and visited it several times before purchasing it and taking it home with me Labor Day weekend. It is absolutely PERFECT! Love the colors, love the size, love the way it makes me smile just looking at it. Worth the wait and definitely worth putting some holes in the wall!
An excuse to buy jewelry
ImageA dear friend introduced me to this sweet little gift shop. It’s located inside an old house at a crossroads out in the country just north of where I live. It’s in a somewhat random location out there all by itself, that I wonder how they stay in business. I think that’s what gives it such great charm, like a diamond in the rough or seeing something beautiful where you don’t expect it. This little shop sells precious home decor items, candles, kitchen goods, and jewelry, lots of beautiful jewelry. I can see why my friend loves it so much. This bracelet is my beautiful memento from our time in this special place and it will always remind me of time spent with one of my besties.
Pool time with the fam
Although I was certainly happy to see August go, I’ve been a little nostalgic this week over the fact that pool time for the summer is officially over. It became real today when I drove by my community pool on the way home and a big, red ‘pool closed’ sign hung on the entrance door. I had a very challenging summer in my personal life, but throughout that journey, a wonderful constant was spending a lot of quality time with my family. We made it a regular routine to go to church together on Sunday morning, then head to the pool to swim. I will never forget playing in the water with my two little nephews and enjoying time floating and talking with my mom and sister. You know how you can just feel that certain experiences will be etched in your memory for all time? That was what time with my fam this summer feels like to me. It resides in a very special place in my memory. Those experiences were greater than my struggles. I think it was God’s gift of love for me during a time when I desperately needed to be loved.
Ocean = JOY
ImageImagine my surprise when in the middle of the children’s sermon in church I hear my name referenced. A friend from my women’s circle at church was giving the children’s message. The theme of her message was joy and she told the children that something I had said has always stuck with her. She told the children that I explained that the ocean is just the beginning of Gods love for us. That even though that ocean seemed endless and huge beyond words, that God loves us even more than the ocean is deep and wide. This was a blessing I gave to her, but in that moment, the joys and blessings of those words I shared with her several years ago flooded right back to me.
Gpa’s smile
I was going through some books on my nightstand looking for my Sunday School journal to bring to church on Sunday. I found it, thumbed through it, and realized I had used it a couple of years ago to start recording 1,000 gifts in my life, based on Ann Voskamp’s book, One Thousand Gifts (if you haven’t read it, you must!). I glanced through the gifts I had recorded, but one gift really stuck out to me and made me smile:
gift #111: The way Gpa’s smile lights up his whole face.
My Gpa passed away earlier this year and in that moment, I feel like I was directed to read that blessing and that he was there. Thank you Lord for that gift.