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Spontaneous latte
It really doesn’t take much to bring a great big smile to my face. I am not a ‘gifts’ girl. That is, I don’t like people to lavish me with gifts or give me stuff. The gift to me is spending time with the person; it’s their friendship, not another chotchke to put in my living room. But, a meaningful, spontaneous gift . . . one that is customized just for me, that the person knows I will love and appreciate, those gifts are awesome! They make my entire day. So, imagine my joy when someone at work arrived last week with a pumpkin spice latte just for me . . . just because. She must have known I was unable to stop for one, thought about it after getting to work, and longed to have that precious taste of fall to start my morning. It was an extra-special gift that tasted far better than if I had bought it for myself.
Hello, My Name is . . . 
I agree with my sister that the heyday of Contemporary Christian music was over a decade ago. So today, even though I don’t latch on to as many songs in this genre as I used to, a song will come along every once in awhile and grab ahold of me. Right now, it’s this song by the brilliant Matthew West. Simplistic, relatable, and yet so profound.
WARNING: You WILL get the tune and lyrics stuck in your head ALL DAY LONG after listening to it.  Enjoy!
I am not a fragrance person. I don’t burn candles year-round or try out different perfumes or use air fresheners in my house or car. But, I do have two huge exceptions. My fall and Christmas candles MUST be from Yankee Candle and MUST each be a specific scent that screams the season for me when I smell them. ImageFor fall, I always burn Harvest from Yankee Candle. Now there are impostors . . . those with similar names or colors, but they are not the same. There is only one original. The arrival of fall in my house is not dictated by a date on the calendar. Fall has officially arrived when I’ve purchased my new 22oz Harvest jar for the season. Fall is here!
Phone calls
I was blessed with several phone conversations over the last week. With friends; with my mom. I’m not much of a phone talker, but I counted each of these conversations as such a blessing. To catch up and share and laugh and listen. I don’t always make time for these precious conversations, but this week reminded me of the simple, joy-filled act of reaching out to dear ones, near and far.
Honey crisps
I went to the mountains a couple of weekends ago. I thought we may have been too early for apple season, but to my surprise, the apples were plentiful in close to a dozen varieties. 


There’s only one kind of apple I have my eye on each fall, and it’s the honey crisps. I eat an apple a day year-round, but there’s something about the sweet juiciness of honey crisps that makes this variety stand out among the rest. Some friends and I bought an entire bushel to split between us. I’ll be enjoying these for many weeks to come.