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Paying it forward
My sister and I love going to concerts and because we go to several every year, lawn seats fall right within our concert-going budget. We attended a concert last month and the opening act was not a group we recognized, nor cared for very much, so we relaxed on the lawn and gabbed through their set. In the wait time after the opening act and before the main event, a couple of girls came up to us with papers in hand. ImageThey asked if we wanted their seats on the 25th row, since they only came for the opening act and were leaving.  Um, yes please!  My sis and I quickly gathered up our blanket and bags and made our way to the front of the venue with tickets to rock-star seating in hand. So awesome to be the recipient of a pay it forward at such an unexpected time.
Ridiculous Sushi Night (RSN)
A few close girlfriends and I schedule regular sushi nights. I cherish this time of sharing and laughing and just being with each other. Sushi for me is not just another dinner. It’s an experience….a calming, savoring experience akin to relaxing with a hot cup of tea or drinking a glass of wine. It is not to be rushed. I savor each and every bite. There’s something so special and intimate about sharing the same plate of sushi rolls with dear friends. I love it. One of these friends is moving out of state later this month, so our sushi night last week was our last RSN as a group. This makes it the saddest High5 I’ve posted, but the memories of these special moments make me smile.
iTunes Radio
I updated my iPhone to iOS7 last week and quickly began exploring iTunes Radio. I didn’t have to look very far before discovering that the ENTIRE Justin Timberlake 20/20 Experience was playing for free. Stop it with the awesomeness!  I’m still discovering new stations and adding them to the My Stations list. Last week, I enjoyed Hits of the 80s Radio and Christian Radio as I started my day. I love rediscovering songs from my past and finding some great new tunes to get hooked on. And, best of all . . . it’s free!
Chobani bites
ImageI will eat ANYTHING that has the words ‘chocolate’ and ‘mint’ in the ingredient list. So, imagine my glee when I discovered this precious little find. It’s the perfect blend of health food and chocolate/mint obsession all in a petite package.
Walking unplugged
It was unseasonably warm here this weekend. Shorts and t-shirts were my weekend attire and I was almost wishing the pool was open again. Definitely a great couple of days to spend outside. So, I headed out for a walk Saturday morning and since I knew my afternoon and evening would include social settings with lots of noise and talking, I decided to walk sans earbuds . . . no music or podcasts. I knew a little peace and quiet would be a great way to start my busy day. I’m always plugged in while I walk, but it was so refreshing to listen to the lawn mowers, swings creaking back and forth, childrens’ laughter, and other neighborhood sounds on an active Saturday morning.