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So much has been given to me I have not time to ponder over that which has been denied.
~ Helen Keller ~
November is a time for giving thanks. I have had a busy, wonderful month filled with an awesome vacation, lots of family time, dinners and coffee and get-togethers with friends, and reflecting on the many blessings God has graced me with. I have been recording thanksgivings throughout the month and am sharing thirty of them, one for each day in November. Some silly. Some profound. All meaningful to me on specific days this month.
1. the brilliant blue of the fall sky on a crisp, clear day
2. my nephew’s laughter
3. junior mints
4. the way time melts away when I reunite with precious friends who live far away
5. bike rides
Image6. collecting seashells on the beach
7. safe travels
8. sushi!
9. ringing handbells
10. jigsaw puzzle time with my mom
11. slipper boots Image
12. having a glass of wine with a friend
13. arriving at work ahead of my coworkers and enjoying a quiet, peace-filled start to the workday
14. green lights when I’m running late
15. the rustle of fallen leaves on the sidewalk 
16. Christmas shopping in November
17. a friend sharing the term, ‘ThanksLIVING,’ with me and feeling challenged to live a life of thanksgiving every day of the year and to respond by serving others
18. the Deacon ministry at my church
Image19. fall foliage
20. coworkers who support and care for each other
21. professional learning team meetings with my brilliant colleagues
22. handmade greeting cards
23. wrapping presents
24. sitting in the pew with my family at church
25. short meetings
26. everyday blessings I forget to be thankful for, like heat to warm my house, gasoline in my car, food in my fridge, and friends and family who would help me in a heartbeat if I asked them to.
27. working, not traveling, on the day before Thanksgiving
28. Thanksgiving dinner with my grandma
29. the Black Friday shopping tradition with my mom and sister
30. my messy, energetic, and delicious kitchen while baking Christmas cookies with friends